S20: issue with elevator phone

All, I just deployed an S20 with two S2 modules at a local non-profit where I volunteer. This non-profit operates an elevator which is equipped with an analog emergency phone (the type of thing that has an ALARM button and when you press it, it automatically dials a pre-configured number to connect to a dispatch).

The elevator phone was connected to an ATA device from Rogers and worked great.

But since switching to the S20, it no longer works.

Has anybody here encountered such issue with elevator phone systems not being compatible with FXS ports of a PBX system?


What happens is: if you press the ALARM button, you hear the dial tone in the speaker, and the PBX shows that the extension is busy. You then also hear the DTMF sounds of the phone trying to dial out, but that is not registered as dial attempt by the PBX, so the call fails, and the elevator goes into alarm mode, sounding a periodic alarm until the line is physically disconnected.


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