System prompts language selection

I feel like Yeastar P-Series a missing an important feature: the ability to change the system prompts language from the GUI. I know that it's possible to change the language by editing the extensions_custom.conf file (see https://support.yeastar.com/hc/en-us/articles/9976899745945-How-to-play-regional-queue-announcement-without-following-system-prompt) but the problem is, once you do that, all future changes in the GUI for this specific IVR/Queue are ignored. You have to go back to the file and edit it manually everytime you want to change something. There should be a way to select the system prompt language from the GUI. In the end, the language change is just a single configuration line (Example: exten = 6400,n,Set(CHANNEL(language)=fr) ) so it should be pretty easy to implement in the Queues/IVR options.

Thank you


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