Contact Visibility not working properly on Linkus Lite

Tested with Linkus Lite 2.7.13 and a P570 updated to

Problem: all company contacts disappear from Linkus Lite when there are multiple phonebooks and a user does not have access to all phonebooks (via rules in Extension and Trunk -> Client Permission -> Contact Visibility)

How to reproduce the problem (**):

1) Create a new phonebook, add just one already existing contact to it. Test user Paul initially can see all the Company contacts in his Linkus Lite


2) Create a Contact Visibility Rule which does NOT give visibility of the new phonebook to Paul (just make the new PB visible to a different user). Paul still has view access to other already existing phonebooks, however what he sees in Linkus Lite is

3) Paul should continue to see all his company contacts, except maybe the contact belonging to the test phonebook (*). Instead, all contacts have disappeared from his Linkus Lite (as well as the Company Contacts list item in the contact type dropdown, see image above. He only sees Personal Contacs)

(*) if the contact belongs to a PB visible to Paul, and also to a PB which is NOT visible to him, the final contact visibility depends on design decision (ie visibility wins over non visibility, or viceversa)

(**) the problem doesn't always happen on first try. Sometimes the bug appears only after removing and recreating the visibility rules for Contacts.

I discovered this bug because I needed to create an Inbound Route restricted to a few private mobile numbers. So I created a dedicated Phonebook and used it as a filter in the inbound route. I didn't make the dedicated PB visible to all users, because its purpose is just to filter the usage of the Inbound Route. 

After a few minutes, however, users started calling me, saying that they could no longer see Company Contacts, so the wrong behavior of Linkus Lite came to light. Linkus for Android, OTOH, appears to work correctly.

My Yeastar appliance is a P570 updated to I did the test with latest versions of the appliance and the Linkus Lite client.

Thanks for your help and support


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