Missed call has been called back?

A common question I get asked by customers that receive missed calls to a ring group is, "How do we know if someone else within the group has returned the missed call?" (has someone else already called this customer back?)

A good feature for the Linkus client would be, to show an icon next to a missed call if the number has been called back from any extension within the group. If there are several missed calls from the same number within a set time period, they could be linked together.

A very valuable feature for high volume/fast paced inbound call centres. 


Inbound call to multiple extensions in a ring group, the call goes unanswered. 

All agents in the group will see a missed call on Linkus but they will not know if that call has been responded to by another agent. 


Nobody in the group knows whether anybody else has called the customer back.


Unhappy customer


Agents check their missed calls on Linkus and can see an icon next to the missed call indicating the customer has received a call back. 

Let me know your thoughts please.



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