401/Unauthorized on incoming calls

System is  Yeastar S50

Setting up a new SIP trunk (Peer Trunk).  Inbound calls don't work, the caller just gets disconnected.  Outbound is working.

pcap shows the S50 receives the INVITE, but responds with 401/Unauthorized.  See image below.

Googling, I found one suggestion that we'd set the port of the service provider's address to 0 instead of 5060, but we've confirmed it is 5060.  Another suggestion said we set the 'Realm' wrong.  But I can't find that setting on the PBX and think that must be obsolete information.  Another suggestion said to leave the "Caller ID" empty.  Tried that, no help.

There must be some check box somewhere that is requiring authentication?  I've looked everywhere and can't find it.  Any help?  Thanks in advance!


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