mypbx standard v7 with tg400

hi all,


i have the following scenario and want to implement it, but still receive "our circuits are busy now"....

so, i have a mypbx std v7 eith 8 extensions with ip and a tg400 with 4 different sim's and ip i have only one voip trunk on both mypbx and tg400.

i want to implement something like this: when one extension want to use first sim number (trunk1 on tg400) he need to dial in front of number i.e. 11 and when want to use sim4 must dial 14.  based on this i've made the outbound rules ("dial pattern = 11, strip = 0"), choosed extensions and voip trunk in mypbx. in tg400 i've made 2 outbound rules (IP to Mobile) where choosed the voip trunk as "call source", "call destination" depending on which dial pattern is dialed (sim1 for 11 and sim4 for 14), and "outbound dial pattern" with "11." and "strip = 2" for sim1 and 14 for sim4.

but when i try to dial with 11078912345678 from any extension i get "our circuits are busy now..."

can someone help me, please?


thanks and regards,



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