TB200 - Clear Channel Calls

I have a PC with an ISDN card connected to a BRI port of the TB200.

The BRI port is configuert as BRI-NET-PTMP.

Calls from the PC are going to a SIP gateway connectet to PSTN through a simple SIP trunk.


PC(ISDN card) => TB200(BRI1) => TB200(LAN) =(SIP trunk)=> SIP-Gateway(LAN) => SIP-Gateway(PRI card) => PSTN => Remote-Router(BRI card)


Call routing works fine. I can see the call from PC coming into the remote router (a Cisco 886).


The call won't be accept from the Cisco router because it's not a clear channel call. It's a voice call wil alaw codec.

How do I have to configure the TB200 that it can do clear channel (or transparent) calls?

Which is the right codec for this?


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