TB200 Bri trunk shows disconnected... but it works!

Hi all, I am experiencing  a strange behaviour with my TB200 isdn gateway. After rebooting it works like a charm and I can see the only bri trunk connected and a green ok on the web interface.

After few days (one or two) it shows disconnected on the web interface but it works as usual! If i reboot it the OK turns green again, but of course this wierdness leads to a false positive and will not help at all to identify if there is a problem with my isdn provider.

TB200 has the latest firmware, in my case it uses just one BRI connection and trying to set the Reset Interval or Enable Facility did not change anything.

My actual settings are:

Signaling: BRI-CPE-PTMP

Overlap dial: no

Pri indication: Inband

Nsf: None

Hide called ID: no

Switch type: euroisdn

Reset interval: 300

Enable facility: Enable (tested both setting)

Echo cancellation: on

Codec: alaw


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