Unable to configure TG100


I am facing a number of issue configuring TG100. First I will mention issues faced and then my configuration.

1- Unable to configure VoIP service provider with TLS support (as I am in VoIP blockage area TLS works for me here. I have this configured same service on mobile using soft client (Bria) and it works perfectly. VoIP provider is ippi.com TLS port is 5061.

2- Unable to get OpenVPN working, tar package contains user key, certificate and others but it isn't working. This openvpn provider works on port 443 (TCP and UDP both) , is it possible to make VPN client on TG100 work on 443 TCP port? 

3- Calling SIM card in TG100 gives a busy tone always after first ring. I have set GSM to SIP call (in easy mode) to terminate another SIP account of ippi.com. It isn't working

DHCP on is best option for me to remotely access GUI of TG100 (to be in another country later).

Waiting for your reply please.


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