Connecting TA200 FXS Gateway to TA410 FXO Gateway

Hello, I need to perform this same ecenario but with a TA200 and ta410, but I followed the steps in this example and I can not make this possible, as? Thank you

Connecting TA FXS Gateway to TA FXO Gateway

Mandy Wang
September 01, 2016 05:52

1. Introduction

For companies that have geographically distributed office, there is no need for them to install a PBX at the remote offices. Users could simply set up TA FXS Gateway and TA FXO Gateway in remote offices without any SIP server. This scenario allows organization with remote location to access FXO(PSTN) trunks through IP network.
In this guide, we introduce how to connect TA FXS Gateway (located in US) and TA FXO Gateway (located in China). After connecting, users in US could make local calls through PSTN trunk located in China and save international charges.



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