Using DNIS with MyPBX and Yealink IP Phone

I'm trying to have the DNIS work with MyPBX and my Yealink T46 phone.


I currently have it set so when DID: 222 calls in it displays "Example Name" on my Yealink Phone.  I'd like to know which number is being called before picking up the phone.  


Does anyone know if there are settings on MyPBX or the Yealink phone I have to set?  The only thing that shows up now is the originating number.


I'm calling from: 111-111-1111 to:  222-222-2222.  But the only thing that displays on the Yealink is 111-111-1111, but I would like to know if it called 222-222-2222 or 333-333-3333. 




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