Yeastar S-series feature requestvoice IVR file divided into three parts and more contacts list

Hello, All.


Can the voice IVR file divided into three parts:
- Welcome
- Information block
- Control the menu
We need 3 sound files in a single IVR, which will be played one after the other.

This is a very useful option for customers that would change the ad unit information with minimal difficulty. This option will give favorable difference Yeastar S-Series from the competition from other producers in the convenience of operation. Many bought record voice files for IVR in professional speakers, and the value generated from the scope of the text. Possibility to divide the IVR can save on creating voice messages. This allows you to replace only the information unit in the IVR.


b) Increase the number of entries in the contacts.

Custumers wants = 3000-5000 for the S20 and S50, 10,000 contacts for the S100 and S300. For customers it is important to CDR in PBX with name from contact, there contacts must be stored.


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