TG400 is Not Receiving the Dialed Mobile Number from Elastix Extensions

Hello and Thank you in advance for your quick support,


I have an Elastix 2.5.0-13 PBX and I am using a Yeastar TG400 gateway with 4 SIM cards installed. I have followed the “How to Connect Elasti to Yeastar TG” instructions to configure the proper connection between the two systems in order to make calls from IP to Mobile and Mobile to IP.


When I try to make a call to a gsm mobile phone from any Elastix extension, I can see Elastix is passing the call over the Outbound Route created to the TG400 trunk (I have reviewed the CDR Report on Elastix, I see the Destination field showing the dialed numbers and the Destination Channel showing the SIP Trunk created for the TG400). But I hear a tone (like waiting to dial the mobile number) and after a while the call drops.


When I am hearing the tone, if I redial the mobile number again, then the call is processed. It is like the TG400 is not receiving the mobile number to process the call, even when the CDR Report on Elastix is showing the dialed number is passed.


How you can help me on this issue?


Thank you in advanced for your quick help.




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