Mobility & Follow Me not forwarding calls

We have a small office with a MyPBX SOHO (V6) switch, two Yealink T46 phones, one Yealink T20 & two Yealink W52 phones.  The switch is running firmware.

We want to configure the MyPBX to forward business calls to an iPhone when we are out of the office. The Mobility Extension feature seems to be a workable solution but even thought the feature is enabled and the cellphone number is in place the iPhone does not receive any office calls whatsoever. We have also tried the Follow Me "Always" setting with the cellphone number but that does not forward calls either.

Next I tried to forward calls to the iPhone at the Yealink telephone level by using the Features tab and enabling the "Always Forward" feature with the iPhone number as the target, but this too is ignored and all incoming calls ring at the office until the IVR voice mail intercepts the call.

It seems that something is preventing the switch from sending the calls to an external number but I don't know where to look.  If we get a voice mail message the switch successfully sends out an email, but it will not forward a call.



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