API in P-Series completely buggy and incomplete


After extensive "playing" with ehe API and making a python class for easier access I have to admit, that the API itself of the P Series is completely buggy and incomplet. Just a few things:

1) For settings the inbound route to a queue or ivr you need the unique id of those, but there is no api call which allows you to get the unique id for a queue or an ivr!

2) When requesting the info for a route you are expecting to get the unique id of an ivr when this route is set to one as default destination - BUT in that case you get the name (!!) of that ivr. For whatever reason...

3) There are many typos in the API responses, e.g. default_desination_value instead of default_des<<<t>>>ination_value, which makes it hard to work with this API.

So, dear developers of Yeastar - please fix this so stupid bugs and add the missing api calls. But please document the changes, especially if you change the typos in the responses because those will break the tools relying on the api.





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