P-Series Dashboard: Provide situational awareness KPIs

The Dashboard of the P-Series (using the Software Edition right now) already has some nice pieces of information on it that help get a system-wide "situational awareness" overview at a glance.

But I feel some additional information such as 

  • Network status (incl. Firewall, Static IP, etc.)
  • The latest events from an event log (not from an Audit log)
  • License status & core restrictions
  • Versioning information of all relevant pieces
  • Shortcuts to the most important logs (and may be most important features)
  • etc.

could be helpful.

Take a look at the 3CX dashboard as example:

Make sure your Dashboard shows all relevant information that Yeastar tech support might ask for.

And make sure your Dashboard also shows all relevant information a PBX admin may want to see when just wanting to know "how is my PBX doing today?". Ideally, the way the Dashboard is structured and the way colors are used (red => problem) lets him see within 1 second whether he can log out (because everything is OK) or whether he needs to spend some time investigating issues.


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