Show Extension number + Name on display

Right now, and using pretty much just default settings, Yeastar [P-Series SE] only provisions the Extension name to the phone displays.

I would like to propose that Yeastar provisions both the extension number as well as the name. Pattern:

Number | Name

I have used 3CX in the past few years, and they do that, and I found it quite helpful.

Here are some before (3CX) and after (Yeastar) pictures:

On a Yealink VP59


On a Yealink T46s


On a Yealink T41s


On a Snom D715


On a Yealink W56p (with W60B DECT Base):

I forgot to take a "before" picture, but instead of "Headset 1", it would show "15 | Kitchen".


Additional remarks:

  1. The WARNING icon or text on the displays in the after (Yeastar) pictures are shown because Yeastar - unlike 3CX - does NOT follow good security practice and does NOT automatically change the phone passwords with a strong, random value (a different one for each phone), and also does not provision new passwords automatically every few weeks.

  2. 3CX also automatically provisions a logo (which could be replaced with a custom one), and a nice matching color template. Yeastar seems to use default colors and no logo / background image. That's certainly not a must-have, but it would look nice if Yeastar allowed for something like that as well. AFTER the important things have been fixed / implemented, of course :)


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