[P-Series SE] Background light never turns off on some phone models

I am currently evaluating Yeastar P-Series SE and have connected several phones to it.

I noticed that on some phone models, the background light never turns off anymore:

  • Yealink VP59
  • Yealink T46s
  • snom D715

It DOES turn off after a while on

  • Yealink T41s

I have factory reset each phone before connecting it to the Yeastar PBX.

I never had this issue in the past few years when I used 3CX as PBX solution.

I am not sure if the root cause is the fact that Yeastar does not automatically change the default password of the phones when provisioning them. Other PBX such as 3CX do, and Yeastar should do this as well.

But all phones connected to Yeastar show a warning icon indicating that the default password has not been changed.


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