[Linkus] Make Linkus App adoption easier

Having used the 3CX PBX for several years, I was a bit surprised how "complicated" the adoption of the Linkus App was.

In 3CX, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Create an extension (which automatically creates a QR code - see below)
  2. Install the 3CX App
  3. Open the 3CX App and take a picture of the QR Code


No License agreement to read and accept, no password to change (a strong random one has been created by the PBX, different for every extension and user), etc.

I would like to urge Yeastar to do the same thing and make the adoption of the Linkus App as easy or easier, get rid of the license agreement piece, and get rid of the need to change a password and then manually enter it.

I believe 3CX automaticially changes technical passwords (e.g. the ones needed to connect to desk phones or softphones) regularly and automatically, and then pushes them automatically to the clients. 

That is a recommended security best practice anyways: Passwords should never stay static, they should be changed every few weeks.

And with an automated process, there is really no reason why Yeastar can't do the same.

Also: Passwords should never ever be saved in plain text (neither in a database nor in a file). I hope, Yeastar doesn't do that.

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