Automatically update Phone Firmware

As far as I know, Yeastar does not automatically keep the firmware of desk phones up-to-date.

The PBX I have used in the past several years (3CX) does that very nicely:

3CX maintains a list of officially supported phone models.

When a new firmware version is released for any of the phone models on that list, the 3CX team performs a standardized test to make sure there are no isses.

Only when the test has been passed is the firmware inserted into the 3CX firmware repository which the PBX checks daily. 

When a new version is found, 3CX automatically updates the firmware on all impacted phones.

Because of all this, 3CX may not always have the latest firmware version (e.g. because the test is still ongoing), or they may skip certain versions (e.g. because the 3CX test team found issues).

But the advantages for the owner of the PBX are great:

  1. It makes the phone system (including the phones) practically maintenance free (which lowers the TCO of the system overall)
  2. Both the PBX as well as all phones stay current all the time, which means that security and bug fixes are rolled out across the field automatically as well
  3. Because a firmware version that shows up in the 3CX firmware repo has been thoroughly tested by 3CX, there is a very low likelihood of issues when the PBX upgrades the phone firmware.

I urge Yeastar to adopt the same (or a similar) mechanism to keep everything current automatically.


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