Provide everyone with free but limited software license

Many IT consultants, YouTubers, tech savvy individuals and others operate a small PBX in their own homes and home offices. They would not pay for those necessarily, especially since solutions such as FreePBX and 3CX are available free of charge and run on inexpensive hardware such as the Raspberry Pi (well, in the case of 3CX, that's no longer true, but still).

However, while these people would not pay for a PBX license or Cloud PBX, they DO use their own PBX to show to clients, write articles about it, make videos about it, and so on.

In other words: they act as multiplicators.

They raise brand and product awareness, spread the word, provide free marketing, and enrich the community by being active participants and help other fellow users out.

And many of the clients they advise will actually buy the PBX license or Appliance or Cloud PBX subscription.

So it is in the very own interest of Yeastar to make either a limited software license (e.g. BASIC feature set + limit of 10 extensions or so) or a Cloud PBX with similar restrictions (or both) available free of charge for everyone.

This free tier should never expire and naturally also does not include support. 

Just look up how much buzz the people I mentioned have created around FreePBX and 3CX just because a basic version of that is offered free of charge to everyone, and is actually usable (not too restricted in terms of features).


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