Provide Partners with free NFR license & Cloud PBX

Many other PBX vendors give their Partners a free NFR license to use in their own company, AND to use it to showcase it to customers.

Example: https://www.3cx.com/marketing-kits/3cx-vs-yeastar-en.pdf?key=mjybh83ehe9ec54j

It is in the interest of Yeastar that all Partners actually use Yeastar themselves, so they can show it to clients.

Therefore, I propose that Yeastar provides all Partners (no matter the Partner Level) with

  1. A free license for the Software version of their PBX with all features (perhaps limited extensions or so)
  2. A free Cloud PBX with all features

That way, Partners can showcase both the cloud as well as the on-prem version to potential customers.

These licenses should not expire (or rather: be valid as long as the partnership is active).

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