Fanvil X4 Auto Provisioning More DSS Keys

I have an Yeastar S20 PBX with Fanvil X4 IP Phones, I have them all on Auto provisioning but the Template lacks some dss keys, the template only has 7 DSS Keys but the phone itself has 30 Programable DSS Keys, On the web interface they split into pages, labeled as follows:
DSS Key 1-1 Till DSS-Key 5-6, 6 per page, 5 pages.

I did some digging and viewed the defualt template for the phone on the pbx in TXT format, the template has all 30 keys but the web interface on the PBX auto provisioning, only shows 7.

How do I get more on auto provisioning?

The template also has space for an wallpaper image but even that option is unavailable when using a custom template.


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