Yeastar P-Series | Missed Call alerts even if answered on Handset

Good day ,

I have noticed a bug with the P550 Firmware:

If u answer a call from the Physical Handset - Yealink T43U you still receive missed call alerts on the web based/linkus client. Aswell as Missed call email alert.

The call will be incoming directly from customer via inbound trunk. Straight to their extension. EG: 122

I have attempted to adjust the ring strategy to below:

Ring First:

  • Extension Endpoint

Ring Secondly:

  • Linkus Desktop Client (Softphone Only) 
  • Linkus Mobile Client
  • Linkus Web Client (Web Client Mode Only)

In this case it should only ring on the Physical SIP Handset in this case Yealink T43U.  if not answered within 30 seconds as the configured timeout period. 

then ring on linkus/web based client.

However if someone calls a missed call alert appears on the web based client & also email notification of missed call comes through , even though call would have been answered on the physical SIP handset T43U.

Any ideas on how i could fix this? or perhaps i am missing something.

Kind Regards

Michael Mclean





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