[Linkus Mobile] uaCSTA Controll of IP Phone

The uaCSTA integration in the Web Client is fantastic.
I have seen use cases however where the ability to do this on a mobile client would be fantastic too.

Consider this scenario:
A sales warehouse has primarily desk-based employees who on occasion need to complete tasks away from their desk. All employees have a cordless headset that works within the warehouse when away from their desk, they can answer and hang up calls using the headset's button; however, they are unable to know who the call is, or take more advanced actions such as park or transfer a call when away from their desk.

Having the mobile app alone isn't ideal in this situation as the user would preferably use the desk phones headset. And connecting a second headset is cumbersome.

If the user was able to open the Linkus app on their phone to take these advanced actions, that would create an exception unified user experience in these scenarios.


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