Linkus External Registration Failure

Configured Linkus on S100 and works fine on Internal Network but not Externally (Extension registration failed).

Router Port 5060 UDP is directed to PBX and "locked" only to the external IP Address of the SIP Provider - this has been mandatory as the PBX came under heavy attack multiple times.

Looking at the Linkus Server Settings, it is apparent that I have the ability to change the SIP Registration Port - irrespective of what we do we cannot get this fired-up and we can't find a way on the App to match the "custom" Port with the Server Settings.

There seems to be zero helpful documentation on Linkus Server (but it does seem simple - maybe too simple).

The Linkus App Documentation tells us to tap on the Server Settings but there are no "Server Settings" available.

Anyone gone down this road before and able to shed some light?


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