S50 outgoing bri isdn "fax" call not working

Hi there,

i am using S50 with two B2 module, one configured outgoing bri isdn works correct and the other module internal isdn, connected with funkwerk bintec R1200 with DSP Module. I use internal CAPI Server to connect isdn lines to virtual windows server with tobit david software to use the fax function.

I have configured the port as internal PEER_TO_MULTIPEER and NETWORK with EURO_ISDN and PBX_Monitor looks great at this port (green).

Incoming calls on the configured number already works great so that i can see, the line is ok.

I have now the problem that the fax software cant call outside. It came back with "belegt" fail.

My question is now: what is the correct config to give the S50 the correct outgoing route to communicate with the BRI Port.

I have added a new extension like 80 and added a outgoing route for this number. But this dont work.

Has anybody an idea?

Thanks a lot



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