is yeastar TE200 needed in this case?

Hi, I just recently installed S300 on our customer, i use WAN port to connect to the provider (please note that the provider is not ITSP but an area provider, since we can't directly connect to the ITSP. we have to get all of our connection from this area provider).

when we try to do the test call, the connection is dropped even before codec negotiation happened (error message posted below)
and then the area provider is installing a PC with YATE software installed in front of the yeastar S300 and after this all connection seems normal. The area provider technician said that the YATE software is needed to translate from one SIP protocol to other SIP protocol, when i ask the topology on their system this is what he give to me.

since we have to rely on the PC to make all connection, my question is can we the PC and move the YATE software functionality to the yeastar S300? or is this the right time to use yeastar TE200?



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