Question about Yeastar U100 IP PBX

Hello, I have a question, I mounted several Ip PBXs and I'm trying the Yeastar U100, I think it is quite friendly, and it offers many possibilities at a fairly good price compared to other Ip PBXs. Another thing I like about this IP PBX is that it is compatible with wide range of IP Telephones, in this case I use CISCO and Grandstream, my problem is:

Im buy the Yeastar U100 IP PBX but it comes without any module. I would like to know if I need to buy some Modules to work with FXS, and Connect the CISCO phones via IP, also need to connect two CISCO wireless phones.

I have 4 analog telephone lines, and I want to connect the U100 to a switch to power 6 CISCO branded VOIP phones and 2 Wireless Phones also brand CISCO plus a FAX. My U100 comes without any module, I have to buy some module for this very basic configuration. ??? or just if i have the U100, i ready rotten mount this configuration ???

Thank you very much for everything, and I ask someone to help me set up this configuration with the U100

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