BRI isdn


i have installed today a N412 with BRI exp.

I live in Italy with ISDN NT+, one line(2 channel), and two different number.

I have connected the rj45 to the N412 rj11.

Everithing works, just some clarifications:

-SEIZE A LINE; i can't seize a line pushing 0 or 9, i have no trunk under member trunk

-i have two incoming line number, i want to have 1 to an extension 608, i have used the DID parameter, the numbers are +390451234567, my provider accept as DID 451234567, the is the possibility to use some jolly caracter to set only the last 4 digit? ******4567 ?

i have tried .4567 but don't work

-here in italy the mobile number are without 0, fixed are with zero; no to call i have to add a 0 in front, can it be removed?



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