Inbound routing all goes to the same extension with S20 and Nextiva

I'm testing the S20 with 4 SIP trunks from Nextiva and I'm having a problem with inbound routing where it seems all inbound calls are routed to the same extension.  I have 4 numbers associated with that service, but no matter what number is dialed, the S20 routes all calls to the same extension.

The first number or main number is the same as the SIP username.  For privacy, let's say it's 2125551212.  The other 3 numbers are 2125559874, 2125554321, 2125554862.  I assumed and setup the 4 inbound routes like this:

No matter what number is dialed and no matter what priority arrangement I set for the inbound routes, all calls are routed to extension 1000.

If I have only the route for 2125551212 -> 1000, all calls are routed to extension 1000.

If I have any or all other DID inbound route defined but not one for 2125551212, all calls are routed to the IVR.

I'm pretty new to this, so I just don't have a lot of experience to confidently point a finger.  It seems to me that the S20 is receiving only the DID of the main number on the account and Nextiva is not passing in the DID of the actual dialed number.

If this is on the Nextiva side, what should I tell them to check?  Or are there other settings to check on my side in the S20 or even my firewall?

Thank you for any advice,



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