IVR Direct Dial and Keypress Events not working

Hello All,


So I had begun to set up myPBX with my company's Yealink T42G phones two days ago. One of the features that they wanted was IVR with Keypress Events and Direct Dial if the caller knew the extension they wanted. Got all of that set up with two phones and it tested out perfect.

So yesterday I finished setting up the rest of the phones and when I did my test again, I could not get the Keypress or Direct Dial to work. The welcome message would play through the whole message and then timeout and call all of the phones.

To my knowledge I have everything set up correctly since it worked the first time. My inbound route takes me to the IVR which has Direct Dial enabled and key 0 and 1 set up. I have the latest updates installed on the phones and the PBX. Internally the extensions work between all of the phones so I know they exist.

For any suggestions, please use details as if I do not know what you are talking about so I can make sure I am navigating/setting the correct values in the right places.

Thank you in advance and I will do my best to supply more information when requested and as soon as I can.

~ Alex


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