Fax to email (fax incomplete)

Hi all.

Our S-20 has some problem with receiving faxes.

We have it (FXO/FSX card) configured to send fax to email, and that seams to work, as we get the email.

The problem is that the file, is not complete.

Here I show the original test fax sent:

We sent it 3 times. All the times we get a different "end":






Any ideas on who to solve this problem?

The official support, after some remote debugging said this:

"It seems few people use the BRI trunk to receive the FAX, so we didn't meet the same problem before.
By the way, Fax is a difficult field on the ip pbx, so all the PBX factory in the world didn't have a perfect way to receive the fax by ip pbx.
Most of the customer use the pstn cable to receive the FAX, but it also have some problem can't be fixed.
Sorry again for the convenience brought you."

Appreciate any help!





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