TA810 gateway, can I pickup an "active" line?

Hello. I have a TA810 FXO gateway, connected to an Asterisk PBX.

I'd like to know if the gateway can do the following, and in that case, how should I proceed:

I need to "pickup" an specific active phone line. More details: I have an incoming phone line connected in parallel both to the gateway (lets say port 1) and to some signal receiving equipment. When I receive a call in this line, I need the gateway to ignore the ringing (do not answer the line) because this other piece of equipment will answer the line, receive some signal, and after that, I'd need to command the TA810 gateway to pickup this channel (port 1 for example) which would be IN USE, to continue the "call" through the gateway.

The method is proved using a simple plain old phone, I have the pone and the signal equipment connected to the same phone line. I receive a call, I ignore the ringing phone and the equipment takes the call, and then with the call established, I pick up the phone, and I continue talking to the calling party.

I need to do the same, but using the gateway to pickup the line.

Can that be done?


Thanks in advance! Sorry about my English.


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