S100 Hacked?

One of the sip trunking companies I use recorded 147 minutes to Ghana using the sip credentials that only reside on my S100 in the trunk setup, and on the providers interface of course. The provider claims I was hacked but I don't see it. I had the last firmware in place at the time, i've recently updated to the current, the pbx is on a static ip direct facing the wan, and the lan, The sip company recorded 147 minutes using my account id and password, which is only recorded in the S100 - the s100 is set to ping the trunks to verify alive at like 3600sec but how could someone completely external to me, on some other net in a different locale have been able to snoop that communication? Is the s100 not nearly as secure as I had hoped? I am at a loss here I have looked at all the system logs for that day, recorded to the debug level, and I see nothing that says the pbx made any of these calls, but... the only way they could have gotten the info used, ie my account info, a 12 digit alphanumeric password, is from the s100. I am at a loss here. Help please. TIA


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