no external calls possible.


I configured a minimal system:
- 1 trunk (Sipgate) with single no. inbound (49prefixnumber)
- 1 extension with according to this trunk
- 1 outgoing rule: "0." with "0" to remove and nothing to add.

I recieve calls on that no. ... (so far so fine).
But when I try to call anyone, there is a voice telling me "please dial extension number or call 0 for operator". I can't get rid of that. Just want to do an external call.
I tried: "0number" and "00number". When I take the bone there is normal "call possible" or "line" tone. But after dialing the voice comes. Anyway.

What the hell do I have to configure to place calls? There is no configuration at sipgate site. It has to be done in PBX.
Please be so kind and help me. After 24h of struggling I am out.

Ports 5004, 5060, 3478 are beeing forwarded.

If you need more information, please answere. I am waiting online four your advice.

Best regards,


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