Remote Cisco SPA303 and a U100

Hello and thanks in advance for any help provided. I have a bit of an unusual one. 


We operate over two sites both running a u100 ( not paired ), one in each site.

Recently a genius decided instead of getting the standard handsets he would purchase some Cisco SPA303 's

I can get the SPA303 to register locally to its u100 on site no problem, but we route calls from the other site on line 2. So Line 2 needs to be a remote registration.

I have setup line 2 with all the appropriate details ( have a dozen other phones in this configuration that are not cisco, no problems there ). The phone registers and is visible on the remote u100 but the extension is unreachable when you try and dial or route calls to it. It just produces a single tone response and nothing further.   

I have followed the steps on this guide to the T after my own process failed - https://sysadminman.net/blog/2011/using-a-ciscolinksys-spa-504g-with-asterisk-and-freepbx-2714 

But all I get when I dial the extension is a single beep despite the remote u100 registering it as live, and the phone confirming that it is fully provisioned. 


Thanks in advance for any assistance here


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