S Series Fax and Life line Question

There is very little info or specifications with regard to the add-in modules. Spec sheets may be available on the site, but I was not able to find them.

1. If I add a FXO module and route the call to a fax via an FXS port with a fax connected, will the fax be delivered and conversely, can one send a fax? Bottom line is the connection transparent?

2. If FAX is being delivered via t.38, the manual indicates that you can send to an FXS extension, but will sending also result in using t.38 as it leaves the trunk (the provider does support t.38)?  I am not interested in a g711 pass thru. 

If I have a combination FXO/FXS card (SO) and the S-series device loses power or similar, does the FXO and FXS automatically bridge (failover) to form a life-line?

Thanks. I am trying to figure out what I can and cannot indicate in a quote for a potential client. 


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