Using Park Call feature with Yealing phones

I am using the new T46S Yealing phones with the S20 system and I cannot figure out how to configure a softkey on our phones to automatically park a call on a reserved parked line extention. we have set up line 800 and 801 as our parked call extentions. When a call rings and is answered we can hit *6800 and the call will be parked on line 800 as we want. However, I thought I could configure one of the softkeys on the phone so that instead of having to dial *6800 to park a call on line 800 I could instead just hit the softkey. I tried to accomplish this by setting up a speeddial line with the value of *6800 and a label of "Park Call". Unfortunately this does not seem to work. I may be doing something wrong but when I hit the softkey under this setup it does not park the call and release the extention. Can someone who has done this please tell me the easiest was to accomplish this. Thanks.


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