How to provision an unsupported cisco ip phone

So I bought two cisco phones without realizing that not all cisco phone models were supported. I bought the 7965G model which I upgraded to SIP 8.4. Phone status is showing unprovisioned. I followed the tutorial here https://support.yeastar.com/hc/en-us/articles/217746237-How-to-Use-Phone-Provisioning to try provisioning the phone.

In the tutorial I have to select the cisco phone model. Unsurprisingly my 7965G did not show up only the SPA series and 7940, 7960 showed up. I went ahead to choose the 7960 (thinking it is a close enough version) and entered the other info. Clicking ok alerted me it was going to reboot the phone. However the phone did not get rebooted and its still displaying unprovisioned.


Please how can I make this work? I've spent plenty money getting these phones.


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