Can not delete "ghost" voice mail message - message waiting indicator will not clear

Greetings all;

I have an open ticket on this issue with Yeastar.  I wanted to run it by the community as well.

We have an S50 that appears to have a voicemail message "stuck".  We are using a Yealink T27P on extension 1001 as the desktop phone.  The message indicator on the phone will not clear.


Dialing *2 from the phone indicates there is a new message.
We press "1" to hear the first new message
No message is played -
we are immediately prompted to press 3 for advanced options.
We press "7" in an effort to delete the "ghost message".
We get a prompt telling us the message has been deleted.

after terminating the voice mail call, the message indicator continues to blink and we can repeat all of the steps listed above with no change (checking for new mail still indicates there is one new message.)

We have also logged into the GUI to clear the message. It appears that the message has deleted properly but logging off and then back on we can see the message is again displayed as a new message.

Any ideas on how to clear this "ghost" message from the system?


TIA - Bill


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