P550 WebUI unresponsive / Cannot delete 8000+ Blocked IPs

I nearly was unable to login into the WebUI of the PBX. Several browsers complained about site does not respond after the entry page was loaded. After wating patientely for 10 minutes I was able to use the UI again. I found out the reasony might be that there are 8000+ Messages about IPs which are automatically were blocked.

I then used the Firewall at the router to create a rule denying access to port 5060 for anyone outside the Providers IP range.Problem fixed.

I also was able to overcome the problem with the non reacting UI of the pbx by acknowleding all messages popping up in the upper right.

However, I think there are serveral bugs:

regardless of the amount of blocked IPs the pbx UI should stay operational - unless you have activated ssh and made a note of the password this is the only way to access the system. I can imagin that if there would not have been 8000 but 20.000 attacks i might have been unable to login completely. Even a restart might not have helped. So, some external bot controlling a few 1000 ips might be able to bring down the pbx to a state where only a factory reset helps. Not good.

I should be able to tag the messages about a blocked IP in a way that these do not show up in the notiication area.- I did not find such an option, I was only able do disable email notification.

Finally i should be able to delete all these entries in the pbx. However I can only delete about one entry at a time. I tried by selecting all (20) but with mixed results. Once it worked, then again not. And deleting 300 at a time never did.



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