Queue Enhancements: Reduce Volume of MOH when Audio Prompts are played, additional Periodic announcements, customise system prompts.

MOH vs Prompt Volume
Currently prompts such as the Queue announce position or Queue announce hold time are simply played over the MOH.

This can be an issue when a customer may have a custom MOH which may be loud or could contain spoken prompts contained within the MOH audio (i.e branded music/ads-on-hold) - Playing a prompt over the top would lead to gibberish and confusion of the caller.

It would be better if the system could apply a reduction to the MOH Volume (Ducking) for the duration of the prompts playback so that users can hear the prompts more clearly.

Even greater if the admin can select how much to duck the volume by - i.e 20% 50% 100% etc.

Multiple Periodic Announcements
Currently there is only the option to add a single "periodic announcement prompt"

It would be better if users could upload a number of prompts and specify a gap between prompt playback.

Customise System Prompts
It would be great if the Queue announce position, Queue announce hold time, Queue Call back audio prompts etc etc could be customised so that they can match the voice of the IVR/Queue Prompts supplied by the client.


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