Possible solutions for failing installing P-Series Software Edition on hardware servers

  • Applied Device

P-Series Software Edition

  • Problem Description

1. As P-Series Software Edition is based on Ubuntu20 OS, when P-Series Software Edition is installed on hardware server which doesn't support Ubuntu 20, it's possible to face similar error in attached image.



2. If you implement PSE ISO image in AUTO mode on some hardware server, it's possible to face partition problem and you might encounter similar error in attached image.



  • Solutions

Two solutions are recommended for first problem, implement any which is more fitable for you.

1. Try new server which supports Ubuntu20.

2. Install virtual platform such as ESXi on current server, afterwards to install PSE in ESXi virtual platform, you might have to contact server supplier to help you if you lack in experience.


Solution for second problem is to try manual installation with the manual ISO image.

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