S/P series CDR partly lost or breakdown


  • The CDR of a specific month can not be shown;
  • The CDR can not be downloaded;
  • When opening the downloaded CDR on Excel or integrated with the third party, it reminds the file is partly broken;



Most of the time it was because the PBX may be powered off when it was restarting or rebooting, which lead to the data broken of the database.


Resolve methods:

Login with support account via SSH: https://support.yeastar.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004259608-How-to-Log-in-SSH-of-Yeastar-S-Series-VoIP-PBX#login


Go to the database grant, create the username and password, add the permitted IP, usually you can add the PBX IP and the IP, which means allow you to enter the database locally.



And because we are entering the database from the local environment.

So we need to type mysql -h -utest -ptest.



After entering the mysql, we can type "show databases;" check the CDR table.



And use the command "use cdr;" to enter the cdr table.

And type "show tables;" to check the table of the cdr:



Use this command "select * from cdr limit 5;" to see some details of the CDR, and at this step, the system will remind you that your CDR data has occurred some errors like below:



And then according to the error messages to type "repair table cdr_202111; " to repair the table.

And then type "check table cdr;" to confirm it has been repaired, otherwise if it prompts a new error like above.

Such as:


You can type "repair table cdr_202112;"


Or there is no prompt which means the repair was successful, and you can get back to your webpage to have a check whether the CDR is back to normal.


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