API Hot Issues & FAQ

1. Why I cannot find the API function in the S20?

  • This feature is not supported by the S20 due to performance limitations.

2. The 3rd party software login the API interface failed?

  • Check whether the API option is enabled in the PBX or not
  • Check whether the password for the API login request is MD5 encrypted or not
  • Before a 3rd party software accesses the API over the network, ensure that the PBX (default IP address and HTTP/HTTPS ports) is mapped to the internet
  • Check the request URL and contents are correct or not, refer here: API2.0-Login 

3. How to fix the issue when the API Demo cannot receive the API response in the intranet?

  • Need to mapped the monitoring port 8260 to the internet

4. Can the 3rd party software fetch and read the CDR database files of PBX?

5. Can the 3rd party software write CDR files to PBX?

  • No. CDR files offers the read-only permission.

6. Can the API support webservice interface?

  • No.

The (API) HTTP interface base on the HTTP protocol, the request message is generally in the form of key-value, and the response message is generally in the form of JSON string. The GET/POST methods are commonly used to request.

The SOAP protocol for the webservice interface is transmitted over HTTP, and both the request and response messages are in XML format.

7. Could I send the SMS via API?

8. Can Yeastar API support the Satisfaction-Survey/Report function?

9. Why incoming call delay around 10 seconds after enabling the API option?

  • The Control Inbound Call Answering/Control Inbound Call Destination options is enabled. By default, PBX leaves 10 seconds for application server to handle incoming calls.


10. Download the CDR/Recording files failed?

Note: The random/token string is only valid for 30 seconds, and each random string can be used only once.

11. Could Yeastar provide a 3rd party programming sample?

  • No. There are no restrictions on 3rd party programming languages, so no examples are provided.
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    In my opinion, API documentation and explanations are quite inadequate.
    It seems really difficult to understand for those like me who have no programming background.
    Whenever a customer wants to do an integration with the API, we definitely get a lot of questions and we have difficulty answering them.

    Even the explanations of API error codes are very inadequate.
    Customers' demands are very similar, but we don't see proper examples even for these frequently asked questions.
    I've been working with Yeastar for about 10 years, but I don't even know how to simply make and answer a call via the API.

    I think we should stop creating more new features and try to make this API easier and more understandable.

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