Failed to Connect LCS Tunnel Server

  • Firmware version: N/A
  • Model: S-Series
Problem Description
Failed to connect the tunnel server.




1. Check if your PBX has Internet access.

- Ping the LCS domain  by Ping Tool in the Troubleshooting menu.

- Check DNS address in the PBX network settings. Or change the other DNS address to test.

- Avoid making port mapping for Linkus TCP/UDP port 8111 when you are using LCS.


2. Check if there exists restriction in your firewall of your network.

If yes, try to add whitelist for the LCS service. You can ping to the IP Address.

Like the address:   

And the same port: UDP &TCP 5060, 8111,11001,11005


4. Make sure your PBX time and your time on computer time is the correct according to your time zone.


5. If issue persist after above steps, post us the System Log after you replicate the issue.

How to Get System Log




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    today the S50 PBX serial number 369284523797  Firmware  LINKUS 2.6.10 doesn't connect to LCS.


    We tried to deactivate and reactivate linkus server and for a while it works and then return


    You can download syslog at this link

    Thank you





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    Can ping to

    But cannot ping to

    How do I do ?

    I already change internet ISP , router and no firewall . Still cannot ping .

    What IP for

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