Echo Issue for Analog Line


When you answer the call from analog line in PBX or TA FXO gateway. The internal extension/party would hear the echo himself.


In this case, please check the below parameters.

  1. Please check Trunk->Analog trunk/FXO port, don’t set the RX/TX volume more than 100%. Please try to decrease the TX Volume as possible as you can.
  2. Enable Echo Cancellation on Trunk->Analog trunk->Advanced. Note: please reboot the device to take the changes effect.
  3. Please check PBX->General->Preferences->FXO Mode, try to change it to your country. Note: please reboot the device to take the changes effect.
  4. Try to make your power socket connect ground. Normally the socket has 3 line, Naught wire, Live wire and Earth wire. Please make the power ground then have a test.
  5. If it is S-Series, try to use the impedance tool followed by this guide: FXO Impedance Match Tool Instruction

Log & Packet Capture

Post us the FXO signal capture when you replicate the issue followed by this guide: How to Get the FXO/FXS/GSM Port Signal Capture

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    I have FXO module echo issue. 

    Could you please share the usage of the below commands?


    Command definition:

    echo "fxo set si3050 [port] [register] 1 [value]" > /proc/module/fxo
    echo "fxo set si3050 [port] [register] 1 [value]" > /proc/module/fxo

    Port: 0 means for all FXO ports. 1 => port 1, 2 => port 2...
    Register: 40 means slight change for TX gain, 41 means slight change for RX gain.
    Value: The range 0x11-0x19, 0x11 least reducement, 0x19 mean biggest reducement.

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