Set Time Condition for IVR in Yeastar PBX


In some specific scenarios, such as set time condition in IVR for hospital customer. They need to press 1, the call will go to extension 100 during working hours. But if caller presses 1 during after-working hours, call will go to mobile number. But now the time condition is only available for the inbound route. 

Therefore we figure out the solution for this situation and take Yeastar s-series pbx for demo, it works for Yeastar p-series pbx.

Firstly please understand call process below:

Inbound call  ----PSTN line----> IVR ---> Dummy Extension ---> Always Forward to a mobile number  ---> Loopback Outbound Route --- Loopback SIP trunk----> Loopback Inbound Route ---> Call to Extension or Call to Mobile Number

Applicable Device
S-Series PBX, P-Series PBX 
IVR Inbound Router Setting
Step 1. Create an IVR and Set Press 1 to any like dummy extension 5699 (unregsitered ).
Step 2. Set always call forwarding to Mobile number for the extension 5699
Step 3. Create an Inbound Route and set destination as IVR 6500
Outbound Route for Mobile number
Create an Outbound Route to mobile with GSM trunk selected.
Loopback Routing 
Step 1. Create Loopback Peer SIP trunk with IP address
Step 2. Create an Outbound Route with loopback trunk selected
Patterns: 9X. // here patterns should match the mobile number that configured on the dummy extension.
Strip: 1
Member Trunks: SIP trunk created in Step 1.
Step 3. Create an inbound route with Loopback trunk selected and enable time condition.
workday: extension 5680
after-working: outbound route to mobile
Finally try to test.
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    Is it possible to use this on a P-Series Cloud PBX?

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