Why Extension Status Turns Offline when Linkus Mobile Client Is Not in Use?


This article aims to the common phenomenon which happens when you are using Linkus:

When using Linkus Mobile Client, the extension shows registered, the icon becomes green as we can see in PBX monitor menu.

But the extension status will become offline in couples of minutes when you put the Linkus in background. Regarding to IP phone, you might think Linkus is not working properly.
But in fact, you could still receive calls on the Linkus mobile client.
Therefore may have a doubt that why extension becomes offline when Linkus mobile client is not in use? 

To save battery and data usage, Linkus mobile client would stop refreshing the registration when it is in background.

However it will not affect the usage of Linkus. As Linkus mobile client could still receive call normally by using the mainstream notification push method on different platforms.


And in the following, we would tell you the tips about the settings on Linkus mobile client which might be related with the notification push function for receiving calls.

For Android

In the installation process of Linkus mobile client, Linkus App will ask permission to run in the background.

If the Linkus mobile client still can't receive calls, it might be caused by the following wrong settings.

  • Mobile system settings

The Linkus process may be killed by system for a certain time. So you could check if the process has been killed by the Android system and enable the background permission for Linkus.

  • Linkus mobile client settings

For iOS

Linkus process can't be checked in the Background App Refresh list. Basically with of the Apple Push Notification Service, the call should be normally pushed.

Support Tips

If Linkus Notification Push is still not working or you are still not able to receive the incoming calls, try to upgrade your Linkus App and Client to the latest version first, then check if issue persists.

If the issue persist, please submit the issue to our support: https://yeastar.zendesk.com/ 

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    This issue is preventing me for receiving calls placed in different queues that I'm a member of.

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    Hi Chris

    The Linkus client can't ring in queue is a known issue for now, our R&D team is still trying to fix the issue. 

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    Is there any news on this ? Can the issue be fixed?

    Thank You

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    i am also looking for a solutuion?
    In my Phones with BLF the users are offline shown.

    Is there one after 2 years??




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